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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  September 10, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: that brought the umbrella. >> if it was anything like what i came out it was raining but it's. >> the second couple but it started pouring of course. take an umbrella, you will need it. mike woods has the full forecast. charlie is back. >> for where tennis pro james blake tackled outside new york city hotel by police on his way to the u.s. open. police said was a case of mistaken identity. this morning action is being taken. >> governor andrew cuomo getting ready to propose raising the
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>> for everybody, not just fast-food workers. a bit of a change from the past couple months. good morning, how are you? i am very nice, we were having a conversation with mike and ines about who was having the best day because mike was stuck at jury duty. but he did get to sleep in. he was bragging about how great his day was, how relaxing but ines won. we will see if she can show the pictures she had. went to the beach yesterday, great day. >> meteorologist: it started out the took awhile to get going and that is okay, got some sun in there. a lot of folks enjoying the last few days of summer even though unofficially comes to a close, certainly doesn't feel like it today. this is not a beach day. we have some wet weather around the tristate region, spotty showers, widespread across the majority of the tristate including long island,
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connecticut, lower hudson valley and more to the southwest. these are not just showers but heavier thundershowers in the area, plenty of lightning and thunder for a while in the city yesterday, ran for a long island into connecticut, things are more or less the same year this morning, coverage is more widespread, temperatures definitely cooler, 73 at central park, 72 in poughkeepsie, 72 in belmar, 64 in monticello, dew points by still pretty high, and i side today, going to stay there and working a cold front through the tristate region. once it is out of fear it will try out but it will take a little time. looks like a day when we will more or less stick with showers and/or thundershowers through the majority of the day and this cold front will eventually drop through. we also have henry, a tropical storm but not a big threat to us, looks like it will be a fish storm, stay out to see.
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cloudy skies, scattered showers, high temperature in the upper 70s for a high in the city today, 65, tomorrow it gets better as far as that is concerned after a few morning showers, but looks like we will keep it as we go through the upcoming weekend so we need bo rein, we are way behind so we will take it. grass is looking brown. even though it is the end of summer we will take the rain. let's bring in ines rosales. a story to go on vacation. ines: friday afternoon, see you thursday. talk about a commute. it is raining out there. on harlem river drive by 130, very flooded out there, take it slow, don't let it take you by surprise. triborough bridge you have some flooding and ponding driving southbound and northbound, those
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careful with, 287 doing fine, no problems on 24 or 2 way. let's take a look outside at the 59th street bridge doing fine upper levels of far. the vanik through the queue gardens interchange looks good too southbound and northbound, construction closing of the ramps to the jackie robinson parkway, that wraps up between 5:00 and 6:00, ran a little late yesterday, grand central parkway in front of la guardia airport you are fine both ways and trains running on or close to schedule. >> nypd officer placed on modified assignment this morning after arresting the wrong person. >> it turned out to be james blake who was tackled to the ground waiting to a car to taken to the u.s. open. robert moses has more on this big case of mistaken identity. >> reporter: james blake is expected to discuss his unexpected run in with the nypd in more detail with the the
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power and has placed an officer on modified assignment after watching surveillance video of the encounter, an encounter blake says was unwarranted. >> shouldn't have happened and it is something we will deal with with the police and find out what they have to say and hopefully there is video of it and people and see what happened. >> according to the nypd detective were at the grand hyatt investigating not ringing the was buying cellphones with fraudulent credit cards. police arrested one suspect. than a delivery man identified two more people for whom he had delivered phones. police handcuffed them both, one of whom was blake. witness says blake was manhandled. >> no need to be aggressive. they already had him. i didn't know if he robbed a bank or what. like he robbed a bank or something. >> reporter: retired police officer at the scene told one of the detectives he recognized one of the men in custody as blake, the tennis star. police say after confirming his
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identity he was immediately released. an interview on new york 1 police commissioner bill bratton said blake had every reason to be upset. >> we will aggressively address it. i will not tolerate excessive use of force by police but it is always, the first stories nevertheless store. >> the retired blake was once a top player. harvard-educated star from affairs of the field connecticut is used to handling 100 mile an hour serve, sizzling 4 hands and backhands but not handcuffs. he is asking for one thing. robert moses, "good day new york". juliet: police released a sketch of a man wanted in the shooting of an aide to governor cuomo. must get shows a man wearing a white t-shirt, black pants and jamaican flag on his neck. he remains in a coma after being shot in the head. after being shot in the crossfire, the pre-dawn west indian day parade in crown
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heights. 12,005 and the dollar reward for information regarding the shooter. of you know anything please call crime stoppers at 800-577-2. >> the nypd will start cracking down on celebrations, officers said to work with local organizers and politicians to make sure the event is appropriately police. they will revalue and, a proposed it. they never applied for a permit to stage the event. tuesday commissioner bratton said it has been and continues to be the most problematic event in the city. juliet: the news many workers want to hear, governor cuomo is ready to give it to them. ben: he will announce his support for a minimum wage of $15 an hour for all workers in new york state. teresa priolo is live in a newsroom with more. and about-face for the governor who initially wanted only for fast-food workers. >> and initially called any across-the-board increase a nonstarter.
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today's event marks the second time in two month governor cuomo will be making an appearance with joe biden. today they are reportedly tackling this issue of hiking the minimum wage announcing a significant increase for not only fast-food workers but proposal for an increased statewide and the desire to see the same change occur on a federal level as well. it is the announcement so many new yorkers have been waiting for. with the vice president by his side governor andrew cuomo is expected to propose a $15 per hour statewide minimum-wage. it will first take effect in the city and eventually rollout statewide. the proposal comes as the state's acting labor commissioner's expected to green light a raise for fast-food workers to $15 an hour. the state's current minimum-wage is a dollars and $0.75. will increase to $9 this new year's eve and the labor commissioner can implement the $6 hike on his son, and across the board increase will need the legislature's approval.
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support the idea, republicans do not. during this will put significant strain on small business. the governor tried and failed to raise the minimum wage to $10.50 statewide the legislature agreed to increase it to $9. it was not long ago the governor himself called the proposal to increase the minimum wage to $15 a, quote, nonstarter. he has since reversed course. according to published reports the governor now believes the dynamic has shifted and the looming 2016 election proving of the right kind of momentum for state and federal wage hike. quince the acting labor commissioner has given final approval on improving and increasing festered workers pay increase the increase will take place in stages, it will rollout first in new york city by 2018 and happen statewide by july of 2020 one. that is the latest from the newsroom this morning. back to both of you. ben: as the white house and is
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closer to victory on the iran nuclear agreement the deal's fate remains in and of congress. house republicans will begin debate on a resolution on the field today. that action was stalled after conservative republicans claimed there were secret side deals with iran in the agreement. the deal is meant to slow iran's nuclear program. experts say it would take iran 12 months to build bombs instead of 3 minutes. in exchange sanctions against iran would be reduced giving monetary relief of anywhere from $56 billion to $150 billion from others. >> republican front runner donald trump joining ted cruz at a rally on capitol hill against the nuclear deal. a real-estate mogul did not mince words shockingly. >> we are led by very stupid people.
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have i seen any transactions so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> that is going out on a limb because he has seen some transactions. >> never ever ever. >> in his life forever. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton threw her support behind the nuclear deal calling it the best solution available for containing the iranian threat. >> tomorrow marks the fortieth anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. gsa agents and newark liberty airport hell dedication ceremony yesterday for a 470 pound piece world trade center. one agent to build the case for the steel beams said he did to honor those who lost their lives that terrible day. >> we designed it, build it, very -- >> i lost friends. >> this steel beam, a terminal b
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at newark liberty, we will cover it tomorrow in the remembrance on fox 5. >> still ahead on "good day early call" get ready for heavy rain moving through the area on the upper east side, moved in at 3:31. the forecast. ben: the police traffic stop going viral, people are in shock
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>> meteorologist: let's show you what is popping up around the tristate region, pretty solid rain last couple hours at least the points in times of these sorts of things are starting to pop up and that is flooded visor is now up for the five burroughs, northeast new jersey and western long island and in nassau county so that rain is coming down heavily at times causing some localized flooding mainly urban street flooding as ines mentioned, this could be a problem. you see why it is the we have flood advisories popping up, showers not moving a lot, pretty solid out there too, showers and thundershowers over the city over western long island the lower hudson valley in the core of the tristate but this is happening very early for the commuter and a lot of folks not quite out there yet.
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but looks like kind of a soggy morning commute but not only are we dealing with rain this morning but have to deal with it as we go to the late morning, early afternoon and evening even into tomorrow morning dealing with some rain in the tristate. slow-moving cold front helping to enhance those showers and storms out there right now and there is some lightning as well so keep that in mind, here's your bus stop forecast, everyone is back at it, showers and storms, make sure you are set up with what weather gear and umbrellas and plan on dealing with it throughout the majority of the day, we may get some breaks from time to time that you will see some showers, locally heavy downpours at times as well. morning temperature coming at you at 73 degrees. here's what we have for you. with temperatures around tristate 72 in poughkeepsie, 69 in sussex, 64 and monticello, cloudy skies, showers and storms coming at you throughout the day.
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there will be breaks from time to time but still going on later tonight into early tomorrow morning. a:00 or so probably the last of its pulling away and some clearing, won't prep complete before you but there will be dry air skies in the latter half of friday but today's saudi throughout, high temperatures 78 degrees, sticky, high of 80 tomorrow with morning showers coming at you over the upcoming weekend, not a holiday weekend, we wish. here is what we have on the weather apps, live interactive radar, it is there, put it to work, switch out at google play store, apple itunes store. let's bring in in as. you are going on holiday. >> on the holiday, jury duty. here's what is going on. some problems with the rain, tractor trailer on the bruckner northbound, two lanes blocked,
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traveling in westchester the new england thruway north sound has an accident blocking two lanes, not a major delay but you have traffic flow southbound, northbound as you approach, got to look up what it was, northbound approaching -- i saw that cleared away so you are fine, be careful out there. a lot of flooding around the area. now the lie, 75th street west down the lot going on already, having trouble achieving contract. west bound you approach maurice avenue, two lanes blocked with an accident, east on you are fine, fdr drive construction going on by 79th street, traffic's low, one lane up as you pass yourself to the roadway, hudson river crossing doing fine as well as trains. ben: 4:40. florida woman being called out in public after she trashed a
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the palm beach county sheriff's office shared the video on its face book page and it is going viral. deputy pulled over joy feinberg for going 51 miles an hour in a 20 mile per hour school zone. juliet: what is wrong with that? i am saying that is kind of the reaction. >> when the deputy approached her she lashed out. at listen. >> you are cited for speeding. >> no wonder you people get shot. you are asking me -- >> don't know if you make about the she said no wonder you people get shot. you are absolute -- she got a thank you from the officer for rude comments and a speeding ticket for $606. >> the city is spraying pesticide in several parts of the area in an effort to stave
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parts of central park, brooklyn, harlem and staten island were also parade. standing water is a special concern, breeding ground for of the disease carrying mosquitos, my ankles of, i can't take this, please stop it. days like today when their rain leave standing water rollover the area, ponding all over the place, so far three people in new york city have been diagnosed with of the disease, doctors we spoke to say healthy adults who contract it should recover but those with compromised immune systems can be at greater risk. >> symptoms of west nile our regular cold type symptoms, muscle aches, headaches, the thing is if you actually are in the group where it has progressed to something more serious you can have symptoms of meningitis. juliet: spraying is scheduled to wrap up at 6:00 this morning. ben: restaurant in town the first to carry high salt warnings on the menu as we told you yesterday, the board of health did unanimously approved
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new regulations at their meeting yesterday, warnings will only apply to chain restaurants for 9 target foods that have more than the daily recommended allowance of sodium. >> people will have information they need to make a vehicle is is. this is a great day for new york and a step forward for public health. >> not a bad idea. more formation is better and less. >> who are they to tell me what to put on my restaurant, i don't think it is right they can just tell me to do that. ben: the american heart association supports the move. it takes effect december 1st. juliet: i don't have a problem with more information. ben: the calorie counting when it came out a couple years ago i thought i was skeptical because it is nice to know because you think you get solid, it will be healthy, 1200 calories and ed. >> i wonder how accurate are the calorie counts? >> i got a salad once with 5 and did calories and felt like i was eating tuna.
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sweeps the nationals and leap seven games ahead. >> "good day early call" back in
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>> time for sports. duke: good morning. are they hot or what? adapter making a great come back against the washington nationals they did it again, and that's down 2-1, kelly johnson, that is a solo home run, 14th of the year ties the game up with two just moments later, the go ahead two one shot, did not get cheated at the plate, 32 of the year, they sweep the washington nationals, mets fans and a panic, maybe have hot melt down with the 2007 allover again, not happening, third consecutive come back victory in the nl east, yankees and orioles, a strong return from the disabled list wearing a new tighter brace, three walks and one earned run but in the fifth left
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arm with the pitch. same inning, his 1/3, chase utley for rows, goes whoa, stephen larue can't grab it, we are tied up at three, top of the age, steve pierce breaks the 5 for baltimore, who were here, 4-3, they went 5-3 the final score, blue jays lost. u.s. of an action later today, serena williams continues her quest for the grand slam that takes on roberta vincey, williams never lost a set, making her first-ever semifinal appearance and grand slam event. last night, second seed roger federer facing richard, first set after a along rally, nice volley drop, good at that.
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hitting into the net, advancing straight sets 673-6-3-671. number 20, victoria and taking on number 2 in a quarterfinal match, charging to the net, backhand winner, fired, taken the second set, on the forehand slam, the winner got the line house, 6-3-4-676-4, the semifinals last night, could be in for of williams' final if both win tonight. also denied the nfl season opener, the patriots, now the been suspended tom brady, it will be interesting to see how they played tonight, the patriots all that is going on, sometimes bill belichick loves the stuff, tossing it to world mentality. >> everybody else thinks they cheated.
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